A new restaurant opens in Los Cabos and what a treat.  Pan Di Bacco, an Italian cuisine located in downtown San Lucas is more then just good Italian food. It is an experience. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner and owned by the well know restaurant Sunset Da Mona Lisa.  This modern style restaurant is unique in San Lucas both for its decor and for its concept. Topped with reasonable prices  and waiters that know good service, this place has become a new local favorite.

I had the pleasure of going there this past weekend with some of my friends and we all hadn’t heard much about this new place. We got there and it was a packed house. Packed by locals, not tourists. This immediately told me two things. 1. The prices were reasonable and not tourist prices and 2. It was good food. Locals in this town do not waste their time or money on bad over priced food. Word also travels fast so we knew it must be good. We had the arugula & prosciutto pizza that was so delicious.   Sometimes the most simple pleasures can make us so happy. Every single one of us left there with nothing but compliments, extremely satisfied and a desire to come back very soon. The restaurant space itself is small so I highly recommend reservations.

I have heard their latte’s are delicious so when taking your morning stroll stop on it and try one for yourself.

Happy eating!

Kym Kuharski, kym.kuharski@aubergeresorts.com