A few words from our Guests and Clients

Why we like Esperanza...
When we show up, the staff welcomes us "home"
It takes minutes to get into vacation mode...
We like the feeling of the place....there is everything we need to have a good time without being overwhelming or impersonal
The weather is always perfect
TRP is a valuable feature ....in 9 years we have been to 6 other properties, some multiple times...we have never been disappointed by the other properties
Our best memory? Has to be this past January when our daughter got engaged at Esperanza!

Bonnie & Joel Glasky


As the 1st anniversary of the wrath of Odile approaches, my family and I are right now here at Esperanza. I have but one word to describe what I see and experience: WOW!! This is not hyperbole. How did you guys ever pull off what is clearly not a property face lift but rather a full on complete transplant. Our second home looks amazing and actually better than it ever has since we signed on 12 years ago. The reconstruction, new decor, attention to every last detail shows incomparable commitment to the site itself, Cabo, and us owners. And you kept the heart and soul of this place not only alive but thriving on a whole new level. We are all fortunate to have had your guys boots on the ground for what has to have been a relentless grind over this past year. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger so you all emerge the experts on emergencies, the Rembrandts of rebuild, giants of grace under pressure. And to all who have worked with you night and day I say salute and thank you for carrying on when things were far from calm!

Earnie Gieger

new owner, and one time hesitant purchaser

We were first introduced to Esperanza as guests of dear friends over six years ago, and fell in love with its beauty, charm and welcoming staff.

And now, after all that time, we have become Esperanza owners! One might ask “Why now?” First, because we had a wonderful and dedicated sales team who were always on the “look-out” for the past six years, to find us the “perfect” Villa. We cannot thank them enough for their invaluable assistance.

Purchasing property in the neighboring Country of Mexico, for the first time, was somewhat daunting. I have been a California licensed Real Estate Agent for the past 45 years and have certainly witnessed some remarkable highs and lows in the marketplace. Ms. Benjamin made the purchase in Esperanza easy, understandable, stress-free, straightforward and transparent, and we were able to close in one month.

I have watched the Esperanza Real Estate market currently reach a point where it became advantageous for both the buyers and sellers to seize the optimum benefit opportunity for both parties! I have, in fact, witnessed this phenomenon only three times in my Real Estate career and “one” of those times is occurring now! Hence, this was a major factor regarding our purchase at Esperanza. The various economic factors signaled, for us, to act now, to obtain our dream of ownership.

But, beyond any doubt, the most compelling element of this entire equation is the overwhelming love, warmth and welcoming spirit of everyone at Esperanza. It is more than an exquisite Auberge Resort, it is a sincere sense of family and caring that we have noticed during our prior visits. What makes Esperanza the most beautiful resort that it is? Its people!! There is true sincerity when you are greeted each time by staff upon your arrival with the words: “Welcome Home”.

We are thrilled to finally be a part of the Esperanza family and can’t wait for our first official visit as Owners of this beautiful resort – Esperanza.

Frank and Kathleen Tealdi