1/6th Oceanfront 3 bedrooms

Property Description:

  • 3
  • 3.5
  • 4,000 sq. ft.

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The most exclusive Esperanza Residences are the Ocean Front Hotel Villas (HV). HV’s are water’s edge location, grandly appointed with original art and luxurious Mexican décor. The total of 4,000 square feet of ocean front living space features three master-bedroom suites which all offer sweeping ocean views plus a spacious living and dining area, fireplace, TV’s, 24-hour butler service, a private pool, large whirlpool spa, barbecue area, and outdoor space for relaxing or entertaining.

  • Ownership is a 1/24th, 1/6th or 1/12th undivided equity interest in one of the three Oceanfront Hotel Villas. All 18 HV owner/members sign a Master Use Agreement merging their Villas into the HV membership program. The owners have full and equal access to all three Hotel Villas and may use any of them anytime they are available.
  • Each owner has the opportunity to book a minimum of two to eight weeks per year utilizing the reservation system. Additionally, an owner may also book an unlimited number of “Short Notice Weeks”. This ensures each owner receives full and equal access to choosing their vacations as well as providing flexibility in selecting the times they would like to visit each year.
  • Owners initially select two or four “Planned Vacation Weeks” (depending on the ownership fraction) for the upcoming season, which starts on the first Sunday in October and extends to the first Sunday in October of the following year. Utilizing an equitable rotation system, the Club manager books the requests and members receive confirmation of their Planned Vacation Weeks by mid July of each year.
  • Once all of the Planned Weeks are confirmed with owners, the remaining weeks go back to the owners to choose more weeks(“SpaceAvailable”). These weeks are doled out by the same equitable rotation system as the Planned Weeks.In addition to all previously arranged vacations, an owner may book Short Notice stays of 1 to 7 days by contacting Esperanza anytime within 30 days of their desired arrival to check availability and book a Villa. Once one Short Notice reservation is used, an owner may book another. There is no limit to how often an owner may visit Esperanza on short notice space availability.Owners have the opportunity to submit their weeks to the Auberge Resorts rental program. Rental revenue is split with the owner receiving 60%.
  • Owners of the Residences at Esperanza may exchange any or all of their reserved vacation weeks with owners of other properties in The Timbers Collection (www.timberscollection.com) as well as, Esperanza owners may exchange with Auberge’s Calistoga Ranch in Napa Valley, Telluride, CO and beyond with their partnership with Elite Alliance. (www.elitealliance.com).

The non-profit Esperanza Homeowners Association covers all ongoing costs including taxes, utilities, maintenance, reserve fund, dedicated Butler, maid service, furniture, fixtures, appliances, fine linens, etc.. Included with your ownership is a family sized vehicle that can be used to explore the Baja while in residence. Annual dues for 1/6th are around $45,375. This fee entitles each owner eight weeks of full hotel service accommodations and is adjusted if purchasing 1/24th or 1/12th. Additional Short Notice stays are $550 + +/night.

*Prices and terms are subject to change without notice.



Oceanfront Villa- FI 3 - (FI 4,5,15) Auberge Residence Fraction - 25% (Two Weeks)

Existing Reservations 2024 Season (even year): October 27 - November 3rd, 2024 & November 17-24th, 2024,

Existing Reservations 2025 Season (odd year): April 13-20, 2025 (week 15) & November 9-16, 2025 (float)

Even Year (1st week) 2026- Choice between weeks: week 1: Jan 4-11, week 2: Jan 11-18, week 9: March 1-8, week 17: April 26- May 3, week 18: May 3 - 10, week 49: Dec 6-13, Float Week (2nd week): Choose between weeks 33 -46 ( Aug 17 - Nov 23)

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Oceanfront Villa #F11- Auberge Residence Fraction - 25% (Two Weeks floating)

Existing Reservations 2024 Season: July 7-14th, 2024

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