By: Julie Benjamin, The Esperanza Real Estate Company

To anyone interested in Esperanza ownership but waiting for the ‘right’ timing, you might agree with the other gaggle of new 2011 buyers that the time is NOW. The month of May witnessed five sales in one week of the 1/8th interests in our 2/3 bedroom ownerships. Moreover, 2011 year to date has 17 new buyers calling Esperanza home for various types of Esperanza ownership! Compare this great news to 2009, whereby 13 sales were made all year!

Without question, the time to buy Esperanza is now! Take advantage, as only owners can, of the 2×1 spa treatments at the highly acclaimed, world class Esperanza spa that is consistently ranked by Conde Nast and Travel & Leisure as the #1 Spa in all of Mexico and Latin America! My personal favorite is the quarto mano (four hand massage) which can be only explained as synchronized swimming on your body.

Or, have you tried the new restaurant menus and creations by our new chef, Gonzalo Corda. You will find me there most Friday nights enjoying the Fish Market, where I can choose my favorite fish filet and have them prepare it to my liking, served with all the accoutrements and as much as your heart’s content. I am excited to try the new Argentine night with prime rib, chicken, short ribs, new york strip, etc prepared on the open grill and also all you can eat. Perhaps the best part is the price tag. Great value, great food in an unbelievable setting, cliff side at Esperanza. Seriously, why wouldn’t you?! Oh, and the band ‘Los Pulpos en su Tinta’ creating the mood every Thurs-Sat night (along with the lit tiki torches and fire pits) leaves you clapping after every song and wishing the night would never end.

But, it doesn’t have to end, because you as an Esperanza owner can enjoy this setting as much as you like, night after night, year after year. There is something to be said about pride of ownership, and it isn’t said enough.